How can I adjust the timezone on my booking page?

The timezone of your booking page is essential as it  will determine which booking times are displayed, as well as where new bookings land in your calendar. 

Each booking page you create on can be set to a different timezone if desired. You can see the settings under Times & availability > Language & timezones. 

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Default timezone settings
Changing the timezone in Google calendar
Changing the timezone in Outlook calendar
Manually setting the timezone of your booking page

Default timezone settings

By default automatically detects the timezone from the calendar you have linked to your booking page. You can see what timezone under Times & availability > Language & Timezones. The first section, Booking page time zone is the what we are reading from your calendar and the timezone in which we are displaying your availability.

If you are creating a booking page for a different location than your linked calendar, uncheck "Automatically detect time zone from my calendar" and manually set that booking page's timezone.

Keep reading to correct a timezone being detected incorrectly. 

Changing the timezone in Google calendar 

If what you see detected in is not correct for your location, you can change it by going to your Google calendar settings.

Under General > Language and region, correct the primary time zone for your location. Once you've made the changes in Google calendar, come back to and refresh your browser window - the new time zone will be updated in your settings. 

Remember, each separate calendar in your Google calendar account can have its own timezone setting, so be sure to adjust the timezone for the calendar is checking for availability. 

Changing the timezone in Outlook calendar

Please note that there are several versions of Microsoft and different ways to set your time zone. Please check all instances and devices of Microsoft (i.e. Outlook Desktop App).  The method below is for the Microsoft Outlook Web App. 

  1. Log into your Outlook account
  2. In the upper-right corner, select Settings, then Options. 
  3. Under Options, select General, then Region and time. 
  4. Select your time zone. 

From Microsoft Support:

Why does my timezone say UTC?

If you are currently linking your calendar to and not seeing the right times, it could be that the timezone of your calendar is set to UTC.

The UTC setting is "under the hood" on some calendaring platforms. They then add a bit of a veil over that and show  you everything in your time zone, but they show us UTC. We add things to your calendar for UTC, which is several hours off your time zone so when they add the veil in for your view, the times seem off. 

If you're not able to adjust this within your calendar settings directly, override the time zone setting. Under Times & availability > Language & timezones, uncheck the box next to "Automatically detect time zone from my calendar" and then select your time zone from the drop down.

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