Auto purchase SMS credits

With auto-purchase SMS turned on, you never need to worry about running out of SMS credits for notifications to your bookers. 

Follow this guide to discover how to activate auto-purchase, set your chosen threshold for SMS credit renewal, and how to disable auto-purchase.

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Purchase SMS credits
Turn on auto purchase
Edit auto purchase settings
Disable auto purchase

Purchase SMS credits

You need to have SMS credits on your account before the option to turn on auto-purchase is available.

To purchase SMS, navigate to your Account settings, and select SMS credits

From the dropdown menu, select how many SMS you'd like to purchase, and then click Purchase Credits

Turn on auto purchase SMS credits

Once you have SMS credits on your account, the option to Auto purchase SMS will appear on the SMS Credits page. Toggle it On to activate. 

In the pop-up modal you'll choose:

1. How many SMS credits you'll add to your account on each auto purchase (the minimum is 20, the maximum is 10,000)

2. When the auto purchase will occur based on how many SMS credits are remaining on your account

3. The credit card you'd like to use for each auto purchase. 

💡 Don't see the correct credit card in the drop down box?

Open your Billing page to add a new card. 

You'll receive an email before your reach your set threshold that the auto purchase is about to occur on your account. 

Edit auto purchase settings

You can edit your auto purchase settings at anytime by navigating back to your Account settings, clicking SMS credits, and click Edit in the Auto purchase SMS credits box. 

You can change how many SMS will be automatically purchased, the threshold before you're auto charged, or the credit card that is charged each time. 

Disable auto purchase

To turn off auto purchase on your account, toggle it to Off.

Once disabled, you will still receive an email notification when you are running out of SMS credits, but you will not be automatically charged for additional SMS credits. 

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