Control booking page visibility

For most web pages, search engines perform what is called indexing. This allows the page to be found when someone performs a related search. For your booking pages, that means more potential for customers to find you.

If you'd rather your page doesn’t show up in search results, follow this guide to adjust your booking page availability.

💡 Will this setting hide my pages completely from search engines?

It's down to the search engine to honor this "no index" tag that we add to your booking pages, so it’s not a guarantee that it will hide your page completely. But it will make it much less likely that the page will be visible in a search. 

Hide your booking pages from search engines

Account Owners linking to at least 2 calendars have the option to adjust their booking page visibility to search engines. 

Navigate to your Account Settings under your account avatar. 

Scroll down to Account Settings, and next to Hide booking pages from search engine results, toggle this setting On

Click Update Preferences to save your changes. 

This setting will apply to all booking pages on your account, including booking pages created after you enable the setting. 

👥 Part of a Team account?

The booking page visibility setting is only available to the Account Owner, but the setting will apply to all team members booking pages on the account. If you don't see the option to adjust the setting, please reach out to your Account Owner to ask them to make the adjustment. 

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