Apply templates to booking pages allows you to use pre-set templates to quickly setup booking pages for an individual or your team. Or, create your own custom template to share with your team.

Account requirements to create templates

To start creating templates on your account, you'll need to have at least one team member who has accepted an invitation to join your account. The Account Owner or any Administrator can send team invites.

You'll also need at least two booking pages already created on your dashboard. 

Now you're ready to create a template!

How to create a template

Account Owners and Administrators can create and manage templates on the account. 

Start by clicking Create booking page on your dashboard. In the modal, you'll have the option to select from the pre-set templates offers - a booking page for an individual on your team, or a team booking page

Below that you'll see the option to create a custom template. 

Once you've selected the template you'd like to work with, you can edit the settings of that template. The settings mirror a typical booking page setup. You can modify settings such as availability, padding, minimum and maximum booking notice, page colors, footer and more. These settings will be applied to all booking pages created off of the template. 

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Managing and accessing your templates

You can access all of the templates on your account from your Dashboard header by clicking Templates.

You can create additional Templates from this section, or by clicking Create a new template on the right side of your dashboard.

For each template, you can choose to edit settings, delete the template, or share the template with the team member.

💡 Learn more: Share templates with your team 

Make an existing booking page a template

Once you've created at least one template on your account, you'll see the option to make any of your existing booking pages a template on your account. Click the 3 vertical dots and select Add as template to make the booking page a template on your account. 

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