Share templates with your team

You've created booking page templates on your account and edited the template for its specific use case. Now it's time to share those templates with your team. 

Account Owners and Administrators can create new booking pages based on existing templates on the account. 

💡 Can I edit this template after sharing it?

Edits made to this template after it has been shared with your team will not filter down to booking pages already created from this template, so make sure your template is the way you want it before sharing. 

To create a new booking page based off a template, click Use Template from the template menu.

Or, you can click create booking page on the booking page Dashboard. 

In the pop up modal, select the Custom Template you've created from the drop down list.

If the template has Teams switched on, you'll be asked to select the team member you'd like to add to this booking page in the field "select first team member." You can also easily share the newly created booking page with that team member using the checkbox below.

If the team member you've selected is a Contributor, they will be made an Editor on your account so they can view this new booking page on their dashboard the next time they log in to 

If the team member is already an Editor, this booking page will be added to the list of booking pages they can edit. 

If the team member you've chosen is an Administrator, you won't see this option as Administrators have access to all booking pages by default.

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