Set fixed start and end dates for your bookings

The fixed start and end date feature is an easy but powerful way to control how and when people can make online bookings with you.

As an example, you might have a 3 day event next month. You want people to be able to schedule time now, but they should only be able to select time slots that fall in those three days.  Set a fixed start date and a fixed end date to limit all bookings to within that time frame.  

Or perhaps you have a new team member starting.  You want them to set up a booking page for them as part of their orientation, but you don’t want them to take bookings on their first day. You can set a fixed start date only which will prevent clients from picking a slot before the new employee is ready.

Or if you’re an Educator taking bookings during term time, set a fixed end date only to prevent students scheduling time during the vacation period.

You can find the Fixed Start/End date settings in the Times & Availability section of your settings: 

You can add a start date, end date, or both. 

Setup tips:

Make sure your fixed end date falls after your fixed start date
Make sure your  minimum booking notice  falls within this fixed start/end date window
Make sure your  maximum booking notice  falls within this fixed start/end date window

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