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This guide will walk you through everything you need to know about linking to your team members calendars across your booking pages. 

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Gain access to your team members calendars
Calendar & Teams FAQ

Gain access to your team members calendars

Before YouCanBook.me can add bookings to a specific calendar, we need permission to access that calendar. There are three ways to give permission:

Invite the calendar owner to join your account as a Contributor (recommended)

The Account Owner or Administrator can invite the person to share their calendar on the Team Management page. Once the team member accepts the invitation to join your account as a Contributor, they will be prompted to share the calendar they want YouCanBook.me to use for bookings. 

Under Calendar & Teams, you will see the email address associated with their Contributor account, along with all of the calendars in that account you can add bookings to. 

Example: Joe has joined the team account as a Contributor, so we can access all of the calendars from his Google account that he's shared with YouCanBook.me. 

As a Contributor, Joe can't make edits to booking pages, but he can log in and view all the bookings he's received on his Bookings dashboard

Have the team member share their calendar permissions with you 

If you don't want to invite the team member to join your YouCanBook.me account as a Contributor, you can still gain access to their calendar. Within their calendar account (Google or Microsoft) they can share their calendar permissions with the calendar you've already connected to YouCanBook.me. 

They will need to share the calendar with permission 'Make changes to events' (Google) or 'Can edit' (Microsoft) so that YouCanBook.me will be able to add new bookings to their calendar. 

Under Calendar & Teams, you will see the shared calendar appear under the Calendar account that is integrated with YouCanBook.me. 

Example: Joe has shared his calendar with Mia directly through Google, and we are able to add bookings to Joe's calendar through Mia's integrated account. 

While bookings will be added to Joe's calendar, Mia will appear as the Event organizer, since we are accessing Joe's calendar through Mia's account. To make Joe the event organizer, we need to connect to his calendar directly from his account. 

Integrate the calendar account directly with your YouCanBook.me account

The third way to gain access to your team members calendar is to have them login to your YouCanBook.me account and integrate their calendar account directly with the main YouCanBook.me account on the integrations page. 

This is not recommended as it requires you to share your account login details with the team member. 

If you do choose to go this route, you may want to first set a new password on your YouCanBook.me account, and then share that new password with your team member. They will login with your email and password, and open the Integrations page

Here they will select the type of calendar they would like to connect to YouCanBook.me for bookings. Following the integration flow, they will enter their Microsoft or Google account details and share their account with YouCanBook.me. 

Once the account is integrated with your YouCanBook.me account, you will be able to select calendars from it for booking.

Example: Joe has logged into the main account for his team, and integrated his Google calendar. Under Calendar & Teams, you can see his Google account listed, however there is no sharing icon, which means this account is integrated directly with YouCanBook.me. 

On a team booking page, you would see Joe's account listed in the dropdown, shared by the main YouCanBook.me account.

Calendar & Teams FAQ

Why isn't a team member's calendar appearing under Calendar & Teams?

If you don't see your team members calendar listed under Calendar & Teams either under their own individual account or under someone else's calendar account under your team, that means they haven't shared their calendar yet.

On the Team Management page, make sure the team member has accepted the invitation to join your account. If they have, click Manage next to their name to make sure they've shared their calendar. If not, please contact them directly to login and integrate their calendar. 

Why is a team members calendar appearing more than once?

You may see a team members calendar appear more than once under Calendar & teams if:

1. They are a Contributor on your account and they've also shared their calendar with another one of your team members

2. They've previously integrated their calendar account directly with your YouCanBook.me account, and then later were invited as a team member 

When possible, we recommend connecting to your team members calendar directly from their shared calendar account. You can see which account is shared by hovering over the share icon and seeing where the integration is coming from. 

Why is a team members calendar marked "read only"? 

Read-only means YouCanBook.me does not have sufficient permissions to "write" or add new events to the calendar, we can only "read" or see existing events on that calendar. 

If this is a shared calendar, have the team member adjust the sharing permissions to be higher - typically "make changes to events" (Google) or "can edit" (Microsoft) is sufficient permissions to allow YouCanBook.me to add new bookings to a calendar. 

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