Set a minimum & maximum booking notice

Avoid last-minute bookings or appointments scheduled too far into the future by simply setting two limits: one for the minimum notice you need and the other for the maximum distance in the future that you want to be booked. This is a rolling setting based on when the booker views your availability.  No time slots will be available to book outside of these limits.

This setting is found under Times & availability > Duration & display.

If your booking page is still on the old booking layout, you will need to navigate to Times & availability > Duration & display > Show additional display options.

Minimum booking notice

This prevents clients from booking last minute. The standard setting is 2 hours, but you can reduce or increase this setting. This is a rolling setting to the hour and will affect the availability displayed - no booking times will be displayed  within the minimum booking notice window. 

Minimum booking notice will always consider the weekends, even if you're not available for booking on the weekends. 

Maximum booking notice

This prevents clients from booking too far in advance. The standard setting is 365 days, but you can reduce it to restrict how far in advance someone can make a booking. This is a rolling setting to the hour and will affect the availability displayed, as we will not show any booking times  beyond this maximum booking notice window. 

How minimum & maximum notice settings affect availability

Your minimum and maximum notice settings can often be the cause of times not being available even when you have availability on your calendar. For example, if you set your minimum booking notice to 4 hours, anyone looking at your availability at 9am will not see any available times before 1pm. If you set your max notice to 2 weeks, we will not display any booking times more than 2 weeks from the day you're viewing your booking page.

Minimum & maximum notice and fixed start/end dates

If you are using a fixed start or end date on your booking page, make sure your maximum booking window encompasses that end date to avoid any availability display issues. 

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