How to set your weekly schedule

Setting your availability along with your booking duration is all handled in the Times & Availability section of your booking page settings.

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Repeating availability sets a standard work schedule for you from week to week. Once this is set, will scan your linked calendar and offer up any slots for booking where you have free time. You'll never be double booked. 

Select Repeating availability and then click Edit to edit your weekly availability. 

Uncheck any days you don't want to take bookings, and edit your hours on the other days to reflect your schedule. Any busy events already on your calendar during these set times will automatically be unavailable for booking. To block out a certain time, you can create a busy event on your calendar.

Add a break if you are unavailable the same time every day. Use fixed start and end dates if your bookings are only for a certain timeframe. 

If you need a more customized schedule, try Custom Availability.

Duration & Display

The grid display is the increment of time you want your availability displayed. The minimum increment is 10 minutes, and the maximum is 24 hours. 

Fixed booking duration

With a fixed booking duration, all of your bookings will be the same length. This length can be any multiple of the grid display you've set. 


  • For a 45 minute meeting, you can set your grid display to 15, or 45 minutes, and your booking duration to 45 minutes. 
  • For 75 minute meeting, you can set your grid display to 15 minutes, and your booking duration to 75 minutes. 
  • For a 90 minute meeting, you can your grid display to 30, 45 or 90 minutes, and your booking duration to 90 minutes.

Flexible booking duration

Flexible duration allows your bookers to choose how much time they need with you. You can set the minimum, default, and maximum amount of time they can choose. These numbers are also based on the grid display you've set. More on this feature here.


Padding is also tied to the increments of your grid display. So if you have 15 minute increments, then your padding can be in multiples of 15 minutes. If your grid display is 90 minutes, your padding will be in multiples of 90 minutes. More about using padding here: Setting up padding.

Padding is added before and after a booking to prevent you from being booked back to back on the other end of a booking. 

You can also manually pad your bookings using Custom Availability.

Multiple bookings per slot

Multiple bookings per slot allows you to have multiple people book during the same available time slot. Set the maximum number allowed and will show that time as free until the number is hit. More about setting that up here: Using multiple bookings per slot.

If you set this number greater than 1, you may be booked on top of busy events already on your calendar. Learn how to prevent that here

Jump to Date

Jump to date is automatically added to your booking page when you are available more than one week into the future.