Setting up Custom Availability

Custom Availability gives you flexibility in the times you offer for booking from week to week, without having to login to Custom availability is a good option for your booking page if you:

  • Need to limit or vary the times you offer for bookings from week to week
  • Want to add availability one Friday a month
  • Have specific times you want to offer for booking
  • Need to start earlier than usual just one day this week
  • Want to remove a day from booking next month
  • Want your team to set their own availability without logging into
Setting up Custom availability is as easy as 1 - 2 - 3! 

1. Set your working hours
2. Choose a title for your events
3. Create events in your connected calendar

 Set your working hours

The first step is to set boundaries on when should look for availability on your calendar. This is done by setting your working hours. Set the widest range of availability that you may want to offer for booking. Select every day if you may want to offer a slot that day, even if it's just once a month. Remember, will only display booking times within these set hours.

Creating a booking page for your distributed team? Make sure the set working hours is wide enough to cover all team members' available times. We recommend setting your availability  12:00am to 12:00am to cover all timezones.


 Choose a title for your events

The second step is to select a key phrase that you will use on your linked calendar to tell you want to display that day and time for booking. Where we find this key phrase on your calendar, we will display the time for booking. 

The phrase is case sensitive. Once you set a phrase, your booking page will say "No Availability" because we haven't added any blocks to your linked calendar. That will be completed in step three. 

Multiple booking pages on your account? Each booking page can carry its own key phrase, helping you further customize the times you offer for booking.

Example: A booking page for sales calls may use the keyphrase "sales calls" and a secon booking page for onboarding calls may use the key phrase "onboarding calls." 


 Create events in your connected calendar

In a second browser window, open the Google or Microsoft calendar is checking for availability. You will now start creating availability by adding events to your calendar when you want to be available for bookings.

For to show availability on your booking page, you need to add events to your calendar that meet the following criteria:

  1. The title of the event matches your key phrase set in exactly. To reduce a chance for error, click the Copy link above the field where you've set your key phrase.
  2. The start time and duration of the event must align with your selected grid display.
  3. Set the event to repeating if you want the same time to be available each week. Add an All-day event on your calendar to be available an entire day.
  4. The event must be on the calendar is checking under Calendar & Teams on your booking page.
  5. The event must be set to "Free" - Events that are set to "busy" will not be seen by 

Google Tip: be sure to create a new Event - creating a Google Appointment Slot on your calendar will not be picked up by

Microsoft Tip: checks the cloud-based version of your calendar, available via this link. Ensure Custom Availability events added to your calendar can be seen here for them to be displayed in 

Continue adding events to your calendar to populate your availability. Add as many or as few blocks as you want in a day, week or month.

When you've set up your availability on your linked calendar, you can come back to and click Refresh the preview to see the availability populate.

  • Taking a vacation? Delete the availability block from your linked calendar, and that time will no longer be available for booking
  • Want multiple breaks in a day? Add several Custom Availability blocks to your calendar, with a desired break in between
  • Need to add availability for a certain day?  Create a new availability block on your linked calendar, following Step 3 again. 
  • New bookings will appear on top of your Custom Availability block. You can delete the Custom Availability block from your calendar once you've received a booking, but if that booking cancels, the time will not re-open for booking until that block is added back to your linked calendar. 
  • Any busy events you add during the length of your Custom Availability block will act as a conflict and prevent you from being booked. 
  • Need help troubleshooting? Start here.