Setup breaks on your booking page

If you don't want to take bookings all day long, you have a couple options to break up your availability.

In this article:

Using the Break feature
Block times directly in your calendar
Use Custom Availability

Use the break feature

The break feature in apply the same break time across all the days you're available for booking. It will also remove those times from your booking page. 

Use the break feature if you have:

◦ A lunch break you take everyday
◦ You want an extended break between your morning and afternoon availability.

Under Times & availability > Availability, click Add break to set a break covering the times you don't want to be available for booking. 

Block times directly in your calendar 

Any busy event on your linked calendar during your set working hours will be greyed out on your booking page. This method works well if you want to take multiple breaks in a day. If you find busy events are not being blocked on, check that you don't have units per slot enabled

Adding busy events to your calendar can be used in conjunction with the break feature - Set a break for one time with the break feature, and set another break blocking the time directly on your calendar. 

Use Custom Availability

Finally, you can use Custom Availability. This allows you to set very specific times when you are free within your set working hours. This is great for frequently changing availability. Details on how to set it up can be found here: Setting up Custom Availability.