Set up and manage centralized billing

If you have a number of colleagues using under separate accounts, you can use our Centralized Billing feature to:

  • consolidate payments into one monthly or annual payment
  • allow an administrator access to the booking pages on all the accounts
  • take advantage of different payment methods and discounts available for larger number of calendars

When you use the Centralized Billing feature, there is one main Billing account with sub-accounts attached to it.  The Billing account: 

  • holds the subscription and payment details
  • can invite, remove and allocate calendars to the sub-accounts
  • has oversight over the other sub-accounts
  • can hold a central "pot" of SMS credits that the sub-accounts can draw from

Each sub-account has its own separate login details. They will only see their own booking pages and booking data.  They won’t have access to the payment information or anyone else’s accounts. When you invite an existing account to be a sub-account, nothing will change for them; their settings and booking data will stay the same. 

In this article we discuss:

Set up Centralized Billing
Adding a User to Your account
Adjusting Calendar Allowance
Remove a User from Your account
Organizing your Admin Dashboard

Set up Centralized Billing

To get started, get in touch with us from the 'get help' widget on your account page and in the message include the following:

  1. Which account will be the main admin account
  2. how many accounts you plan on connecting, or total number of calendars needed
  3. If you want monthly or yearly billing. 

We will update your subscription and get you set up right away!

Which is the main account?

The main billing account doesn't need to be a 'live' account. In some cases it may be better to have a more generic email address (like team@ or onboarding@ ) in case there is employee movement in your organization.  It also doesn't need to have an active profile on it (so it will not count in the calendar total). You will need to integrate a calendar account with the master account.  But if there is no active profile, that won't have any connection. 

The other thing to note is that the email address of the master account does need to be a monitored email address because we send invoices and other account-specific emails to it. 

How many calendars do I need? 

Each account can link to their own calendar as many times as they want, with multiple booking profiles. 

If a calendar account is integrated into multiple accounts, it will be counted each time.

For example, say you have a team booking profile on the admin account, that links to 5 team members calendars - Jason, Cindy, Robb, Samantha and Ben. If each of these team members also link to their own calendar on their own account, you'll be paying for a total of 10 calendars. 

Adding a User to Your account

Once your account has been set up as a master account it's time to start inviting people. You'll invite them via the Accounts page, by clicking  User Accounts

If the person you want to add to your paid account already has a account, enter the account email address in the field. You can also enter the email address of someone who doesn't yet have a account. 

Please note that if you invite someone who already has a paid subscription with us, it will not cancel that automatically. You'll need to ask them to cancel their subscription so you don't both get charged. 

If they already have a associated with that email address, they will receive an email inviting them to join your paid account. They will have 1 week to click on the link before it expires.

Clicking on the link in the email will take them to their existing account, or allow them to create a new one. 

If they already have an account they'll see a screen like this, asking them to grant permission for you to have access to their account profiles and booking data

If they haven't created a account, they'll be prompted via email to create an account and join your paid account:

They will be taken through a brief setup window:

Connect their Calendar:

And then accept your invitation:

Adjusting Calendar Allowance

Once you've started invited users to join your paid account, you'll see them listed on the User Accounts section of your Accounts page. Here you can keep track of all of the users who have joined the paid account, those who haven't  accepted your invitation, and how many calendars they are using. If you want to allocate more calendars to a certain account, increase their calendar allowance. 

When you make changes to the allowance, the account owner will receive an email letting them know. 

Removing a User from Your account

If a person leaves your company or no longer needs a paid account, click the Remove link next to their name. This will revert their account to our free plan, and any paid features they are using will need to be removed for their booking URL to continue to work.

Organizing Your Dashboard

As the main billing account, you will have access to our Business Dashboard, where you will be able to access all the profiles of your user accounts. The email address of the owner of each profile is listed below their profile. You can filter, or create folders to stay organized. Learn more about how to use Folders  here

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