How to login to your account

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Login via 3rd party account
Login with email/password
Change account password
Reset account password

Login via 3rd party account (single sign-on)

If you are logged in to a connected Google, Microsoft, or Facebook account, you can use our 1-click options to sign in to

Login with email/password

You can assign a password to your account if you prefer. You can continue to login with the SSO or the password you set.

Change your account password

You can set or change your account password on the Your Account page - in the drop-down menu next to your email address on the top right corner. Select Password & Security to change or set a password on your account. 

Forgot your password?

If you need to reset your account password, you can do so using the Forgot Password link. If you don't receive an email right away, check your spam folder, or that you entered the correct account email.

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