How to block time in your schedule connects to your calendar account to see when you are already busy. If there are times or days you don't want to be available for booking, you can block out that time directly on your linked calendar.

In this article we discuss:

Blocking time for a meeting or vacation
Blocking the same time period every day
Blocking periods of time from week to week

Blocking time for a meeting or vacation

Any existing event in your calendar set to busy will block your availability from showing up on To block off hours or days, create a busy event in your linked calendar.  When you have blocked your time, will show you as unavailable for bookings.  

  1. Create an event on your Google or Microsoft calendar for the relevant timeframe.
  2. Set the event to 'Busy'. You can set the event to be a repeating event if you want to block the same time off every week.

Helpful Tips:

  • Make sure the busy event you create is on the same calendar we are looking at for availability
  • All day events are a great way to block off holidays without them taking up your whole calendar. However, all day events default to Free so be sure to check that the event is set to Busy
  • If you're using our Multiple bookings per Slot feature, one 'Busy' event won't block all of your available time slots.  Please take a look at the Units per Slot help page for tips on how to "soak up" multiple units with one event in your calendar. 

Block the same time period every day

You can use the 'break' feature on the Availability section. That will permanently block that period on every day you're available.

Working with a schedule that changes from week to week 

Consider using Custom Availability. Instead of Repeat Availability displays the same availability week after week and blocks out busy times in your calendar, you will create blocks of time in your calendar to indicate when you can take bookings. You will manage your availability directly on your calendar instead of logging into

This article will help you set it up:  Setting up Custom Availability

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