How to block time in your schedule

There are 3 options for blocking time in your schedule:

If you need to block the same period of time every day:

You can use the 'break' feature on the Availability section. That will permanently block that period. 

If you need to block occasional time -  for a meeting or a vacation:

You can do that directly in your linked calendar.  When you have blocked your time, will show you as unavailable for bookings. 

1. Create an event on your Google, Microsoft or iCloud calendar for the relevant timeframe.

2. Set the event to 'Busy'. You can set the event to be a repeating event if you want to block the same time off every week.

Note: iCloud users will need to use their iPhone or iPad to change the free/busy setting.  This isn't available on the desktop.

All day events usually default to 'Available' so if you're blocking off whole days, be sure to check this is set to 'Busy'

If you have different availability from week to week:

Use our powerful  Custom Availability feature to specify exactly when you want to be available.


My events are set to 'Busy' but the time still isn't blocked. What can I do now?

If you're using our Units per Slot feature, each timeslot can take more than one booking. So one 'Busy' event won't block them all.  Please take a look at the Units per Slot help page for tips on how to "soak up" multiple units with one event in your calendar. 

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