Add tracking analytics to your booking page

The best way to get analytics from bookings would be to create a designated 'Thank you for your booking' page on the website that YCBM automatically redirects to when the booking is made. Find out more about redirecting to a specific URL.

You can also track referral data through the booking process.

Add a Hidden Question for tracking

This hidden question will serve as a field to pass the tracking source into the booking form without the booker ever seeing the field.

Under Booking form > Questions, click + Add question. Select question type as Hidden Question and set a shorthand code for this field, e.g SOURCE.

Now you can pass the information needed into your booking link.

Sharing your booking page on your website you would use SOURCE=website


Sharing your booking page on your LinkedIn you would use SOURCE=linkedin


When your clients make a booking, the text set in the SOURCE parameter will be inserted in the hidden question on the booking form. Since it is a hidden question it will not appear in the {FORMFIELDS} that displays all the other information from the booking form. You would need to add that shorthand code wherever you want to see the source of the booking. 

This field will also be included in your data export for your own reporting. 

Embedding a booking grid on your website

Another way to track visitors to your booking page is to embed it directly onto your website that has tracking codes installed. This article will demonstrate how to embed. You also can leverage the redirect mentioned above as a way to track conversions.

Passing parameters into embedded booking pages is a bit tricky. You will need a bit of PHP or JavaScript on your webpage to dynamically change the embedded URL with the correct parameters. Your web developer can get you those needed scripts, or you can contact support to get the code you need. 

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