Add hyperlinks to your booking page

Use our styling toolbar to add hyperlinks to your booking pages and emails. 

You can add markdown formatting anywhere you need to make a link clickable:

  • booking form questions
  • After booking confirmation page
  • confirmation emails

Hyperlinks may not work in the calendar event and SMS messages - it depends on the program processing the text. 

Enter a hyperlink

Click the link symbol in the styling toolbar to add a hyperlink. Add the text that will be clickable, and the URL. Click Insert Link to save changes.

By default, links will open in a new browser window, but you can uncheck this box to keep your bookers in the same browser. 

You can also enter an email address using the link symbol, which will make your email address clickable and open the email in your client's email program. 

It will display like this on your live booking page:

Manually adding a hyperlink

Instead of using our Markdown toolbar to add a hyperlink, you can also use the traditional formatting:

[your text]( - opens in the same browser window

[your text]( - opens in a new browser window

[your text]( - opens your clients email program

Anywhere you would like clickable text to appear. The link will not be active in your preview window, so visit your live booking page to see the link in action.  PLEASE NOTE: the use of HTML is not supported.

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