Getting started

Tips for getting your booking profile up and running

18 articles

Language & Timezones

Getting the right timezone for your profile & customizing the language on your page

12 articles

Calendar & Teams

Working with your connected calendar and using teams

12 articles

Times & Availability

Setting schedule, availability, appointment types and more

27 articles

Booking Form

Getting the most out of your booking form

14 articles

Notifications & Reminders

All about communicating with your customers and how the events look on your calendar

19 articles

Styles & Appearance

Customizing your booking page to match your brand

9 articles


External accounts you can integrate directly into

7 articles

Managing your bookings

Managing and reporting on your booking data

8 articles

Accounts & Billing

Answering questions about your account

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Answers to our most frequently asked questions

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Tips & Tricks

Great ideas for taking your booking schedule beyond the ordinary

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Tops tips to resolving questions fast

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Video walkthroughs of someone of our most popular articles

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These are summary walkthroughs for major areas of YCBM settings

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